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CoolSculpting with CoolCodes
CoolSculpting Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis
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What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting® is the world’s leading non-invasive fat-freezing procedure. First licensed by the FDA back in 2010, it has been performed over 7 million times worldwide. Importantly, at Berkshire Aesthetics we have carried out over 1,000 cryolipolysis treatments and all under the supervision of Dr Langdon. 

Patient safety and treatment outcomes are our priority, therefore every patient is assessed and the treatment performed under the direct supervision of Dr. Langdon. Fat Freezing is our most popular treatment and with a growing international reputation, we regularly treat patients from across Europe. 

Why choose Berkshire Aesthetics?

Berkshire Aesthetics is uniquely placed as the leading clinic for fat freezing treatments. Our medical director is a member of the global Allergan Medical Institute and works with global colleagues to conduct research into the effective use and safety of the CoolSculpting treatment. She was chosen for this role due to her extensive hands-on experience combined with her training in surgery. 

Dr. Langdon provides exceptional treatment outcomes for her patients. As well as providing a complications referral service to other clinics, She speaks internationally on the safe delivery CoolSculpting. 

Dr. Langdon has also developed her own unique approach to the treatment called the CoolCodes®.

Tatler's Top Doctor for Body Treatments

Dr. Langdon is Tatler’s Top Doctor for Body Treatments in 2019 and 2020. You can read her entry in the 2020 Cosmetic Surgery Guide here.

Are all fat freezing treatments the same?

The World’s #1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure which is FDA cleared and CE Medical Marked. There are also more than 100 clinical studies to prove that it is both safe and that it works. Be wary of devices which claim to be fat freezing as the technology is based on CoolSculpting but has not undergone the same rigorous testing or development.

So popular is the CoolSculpting treatment that it has become a commonly used term like Xerox for photocopying or Hoover for vacuums. Importantly, not all clinics claiming to offer CoolSculpting are the same. If you are in any doubt please check the Allergan CoolSculpting clinic finder here.

What do our patients love?

Patients love the permanent results and that Dr Langdon personally oversees every fat freezing treatment. 

Berkshire Aesthetics is the leading fat freezing clinic in the UK. We not only deliver a high number of treatments but all are supervised by a medical doctor who is recognised as an international expert.

Our focus is on providing our patients the best possible treatment outcomes in the safest possible clinical setting.

Who is it for?

Cryolipolysis works best on stubborn areas of fat that resist your efforts through diet and exercise. It is not a weight-loss procedure but a treatment that can sculpt your physique to achieve your ideal body image. 

Patients who enjoy a healthy diet and regular exercise will see the greatest benefit while those getting in shape will find the treatment is often the ‘kick start’ they need. 

Which Areas Can CoolSculpting Treat?

CoolSculpting Treatment Areas

CoolSculpting can be used to treat many areas of the body with fat freezing being very popular to the abdomen and flanks. Importantly, at Berkshire Aesthetics your treatment is planned by Dr Langdon who initially trained in Plastic surgery. 

Her understanding of the human body and her extensive hands-on experience with CoolSculpting means her results are not only effective but aesthetic pleasing. Her skill means she is able to offer treatment for additional areas not available at other clinics including Mons Pubis. 

Frequently Asked CoolSculpting Questions

Fat freezing (cryolipolysis) is used to contour and shape the body by removing stubborn areas of fat. These stubborn areas are more common as we age as the body natural retains more fat. The treatment is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle but is a great addition to it. With fat freezing you can easily target the unwanted areas.

Areas safe to treat include:

  • abdomen
  • flanks
  • upper arms
  • back
  • inner & outer thighs
  • mons pubis
  • male chest
  • bra roll 
  • top of thigh (below buttock)
  • above the knee
  • chin

The treatment works by delivering precise controlled cooling to target fat cells found underneath the skin. During the procedure an applicator is applied onto the treatment area.

The treatment area is pulled into the applicator which is then cooled  to between -9 degrees and -11 degrees Celsius for 35 to 45 minutes. This process cause the fat cells to die which are then eliminated via a process called apoptosis. 

Importantly, once the treated fat cells are gone they are gone for good. 

For those wanting to contour their body and remove unwanted areas of fat that resist diet and exercise, fat freezing is the ideal choice.

The best candidates are those who have noticeable budges of fat despite efforts made to remove these through diet and exercise.

Importantly, the procedure is not a weight loss solution but a non-surgical alternative to liposuction  without the downtime.

Dr Langdon assesses every patient and will create an individualised treatment plan tailored to their specific goals.

The length of the fat freezing procedure depends on the size and number of areas being treated. It might be preferable in some instances to split the treatment over a number of sessions.

As the applicator is placed on to the skin you will feel pressure as the vacuum pulls the skin inside. The cooling will then begin and you will feel intense cold until the skin fully numbs.

The treatment is performed either sitting or lying so the patient can fully relax.

Patients use the time to read, work on their laptops or even nap during the treatment. We also provide the access to Netflix or Amazon Prime so you can catch up on the latest films or boxsets. 

The number of sessions will be determined at a consultation. With CoolSculpting the results achieved from just one session are for many sufficient to achieve their desired outcome. It is possible to repeat the treatment and we do have patients who return often to ‘touch up’ areas of focus on different areas.

No special preparation is  required. It is important to make sure you are in good health prior to treatment as the results are best for those already following a healthy lifestyle.

We advise patients to avoid any foods or medication which have anti-inflammatory properties as these can interfere with the treatment outcome. 

The procedure is FDA-cleared and has over 100 clinical studies proving its safety and effectiveness for the treatment of non-surgical fat reduction.

At Berkshire Aesthetics the treatment is performed under the direct supervision of Dr Langdon who is one a few global experts and a member of the AMI Medical Faculty for CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure and involves no downtime; typically you can return to your normal activities immediately. The treated areas will feel cold to touch any will have minimal redness but this will subside within a couple of hours after the treatment. Some patients will experience some numbness and itching in the area treated which can persist for up to three weeks. This side effect is well documented and will resolve without further intervention. 

Cryolipolysis is a non-surgical procedure which does not require medication, anaesthesia or cuts. This means that the risk of complications and side effects is much lower when compared to more invasive procedures such as liposuction.

Some of the possible complications include:

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Sensitivity
  • Skin Redness
  • Localised pain
  • Lowered sensation in the treatment area.

Dr Langdon will discuss these in detail with you during the consultation. As she is on hand during the treatment and at anytime afterwards she is able to help manage any concerns you might have. We encourage patients to contact the clinic immediately should they have even the slightest concern.

Everyone responds differently to the treatment so it is not possible to say when the results will occur.  Some patients see changes in just a few weeks whereas others might not see any progress for a few months.

After your treatment we  ask you to return to the clinic 16 weeks later for a follow up and to review the progress of your treatment.

Patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle after completing their treatment. Drinking plenty of water is also very important in helping with the drainage of the lymphatic system.

We also advise patients to avoid any foods and medication containing anti-inflammatories for at least two weeks.

We offer low and no interest finance options through our finance partner Duologi.

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