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Ultra Femme 360

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Reduced incontinence and improved sensation
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12 months plus
Treatment Time:
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8 minutes internal only or 30 minutes internal & external
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UltraFemme 360

What is Ultra Femme 360?

BTL Ultra Femme 360 is a revolutionary non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment providing the shortest non-invasive treatment available. The device applies radiofrequency energy and heat to gently heat up the tissues and stimulate blood flow and collagen production, targeting vaginal laxity and labial volume loss. It is also very effective in treating stress incontinence, with women reporting improvement from the very first treatment.

What do our patients love?

The benefit for patients being treated with Ultra Femme 360 is more often related to lifestyle. Stress incontinence often follows pregnancy and childbirth, especially having multiple vaginal deliveries. Older age and conditions that cause a chronic cough can also cause stress incontinence. This condition can also be a side effect of pelvic surgery. Our patients love the fact they can resume a more normal existence without the worry.

Who is it for?

Any woman who suffers from stress incontinence will benefit from the Ultra Femme 360 treatment. Women also report an improvement in their sex life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra Femme 360 provides a safe and effective treatment for improvements in female intimate health. 

The Ultra Femme treatment uses a radiofrequency probe which is inserted into the vaginal canal. The probe generates heat which increases local circulation, it is this mechanism which is crucial in the role of repairing the target tissue. 

The Ultra Femme 360 provides a safe and effective treatment for improvements in female intimate health. 

The internal treatment takes 8 minutes and the external treatment around 20 minutes.

The treatment consists of two stages. The first stage is the ‘Fire’ which will give you a warming and tingling sensation on the skin. The second stage is the ‘ICE’ which will give a pleasant cooling feeling. Overall the treatment is very pleasant and relaxing.

The recommended course is for three treatments spaced one week apart. Patients typically require a review of their results around 12 months later. The longevity of the treatment depends on various factors such as age and lifestyle.

The Exilis Ultra 360 has received medical CE mark in European Union (and thus evaluated for safety and effectiveness) inter alia for the “Treatment of sexual dysfunction after vaginal delivery by means of improvement of vaginal laxity”. In addition to the EU, the device has been cleared for vaginal laxity (or similar clearance) in more than 15 other countries.

The media has recently highlighted that the the USA FDA (an organization responsible for market clearances and approvals in the USA) has not cleared the device for marketing in the United States. This is correct and while the device is not currently authorised for use in the United States the FDA does not have jurisdiction over other countries.

Safety of the patients has been always our highest concern. While any medical procedure can potentially have some side effects, we would like to stress that there has not been any reported adverse event caused by the Exilis Ultra 360.

The built-in Energy Flow Control system provides uniform heating during the therapy. For you, the patient, it means the treatment is typical without any discomfort, while the optimal amount of energy reaches the target tissue. Heating at lower temperatures compared to ablative lasers decreases risk for infection or discharge.

There is no downtime following a treatment with the Ultra Femme 360 and you can return to your normal activities immediately. 

Some patients report limited discomfort following the treatment which typically resolves with in 24 to 48 hours. Should you have any concerns following treatment please contact the clinic. 

Some patients report benefits following the first treatment. Typically once the initial course is completed improvements will continue for the next two to three months. 

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