Sun Damage

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light causes a range of skin concerns

The primary factor of extrinsic ageing is UV radiation. Research shows that approximately 80% of all symptoms of premature skin ageing are caused by UV exposure while all structural components of the skin are damaged by chronic sun exposure.

UV-A rays are primarily responsible for photoaging, but high-energy visible light (HEV) can also cause oxidative stress that damages the skin at a cellular level. As a result of the damage, signs of ageing begin to form such as wrinkles, volume loss, skin sag, and pigmentation.

UV-B rays are absorbed by skin cells and cause direct damage to cellular DNA.

Treatments for Sun Damage

A deep cleansing 6 in 1 facial treatment which helps to remove excess oils, blackheads and impurities. The treatment also hydrates, rejuvenates and improves circulation.
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The IPL acne treatment uses a special acne notch filter which when applied on to the skin has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Over a course of weekly treatments, significant improvement is visible on the skin whereby the skin looks clearer, and smoother.
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A medical grade LED Light device which uses a combination of 3 wavelengths of light to treat a variety of skin conditions including Acne. By using the lights simultaneously to treat acne we can reduce inflammation, redness, kill bacteria and reduce excess sebum production.
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