Dark Circles

Dull and pale skin around the eyes may cause a tired look

Dark circles and puffiness are common in a lot of people and are usually a condition caused by lifestyle factors such as caffeine, tobacco, or a lack of sleep.

Other causes include fat loss under the eye, broken blood vessels, and increased melanin or hyperpigmentation are the main culprits.

Dark cycles can be accentuated by volume loss and changes in facial structure which cause a deepening of the eye sockets which can be addressed with dermal fillers.

Treatments for Dark Circles

Dermal Fillers
Tear trough filler treatment is an under eye dermal filler procedure used to tackle tired looking eyes and to treat dark circles and hollowness under the eyes. It uses a gel like substance containing hyaluronic acid which works by replacing volume under the eyes leaving them looking smoother, more radiant and brighter
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Chemical Peels
Superficial chemical peels can often be used under the eyes to remove dark circles particularly when caused by hyperpigmentation. The peel works by gradually removing layers of dead skin cells resulting in brightener looking skin under the eyes.
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