Update as of 4 November: As a CQC registered medical clinic we remain open and will support patients during the current lockdown. Please note additional restrictions will be in place when visiting the clinic and ask that you adhere to all requests made by our staff. This is to ensure the safety of everyone.

advanced non-surgical options

Body Treatments

When diet & exercise aren't enough


Advances in technology means means non-surgical body treatments are highly effective at achieving positive outcomes without surgery.

From fat reduction with CoolSculpting, skin tightening and cellulite treatment with BodyTite, Exilis Ultra and Emtone, we have multiple options to treat body concerns. We can also help with female intimate concerns using Ultra Femme 360 or help to tone and build muscle with StimSure.

Our doctor is passionate about body treatments and is considered by Allergan, the makers of CoolSculpting, to be one of the world’s leading authorities on the treatment. Having developed her own proprietary technique she also offers a complications referral service to other clinics helping when results are not as expected. 

Ageing, genetics & lifestyle play a role in how our body changes

body confidence

As we age many changes occur to our bodies, many we can see and some we cannot. It is important when considering body treatments to consider many aspects of a person’s health, genetics, lifestyle as well as their age and physical appearance. 

When it comes to body treatment our approach is different to how we might look at the face. Changes in our physique can often be linked to certain aspects of our lifestyle or certain life events such as pregnancy. Further, our relationship to how our body looks can be quite emotional, particularly where you might struggle with diet or when exercise isn’t enough. While our treatments are not a replacement for a healthy diet and regular exercise we can certainly help shift stubborn areas, one up muscles or treat intimate females issues with compassion, understanding and under the supervision of a highly respected doctor in the field of body contouring.  

Regular exercise & a healthy diet are fundamental 

our body treatments are ideal for those who are actively engaged in their wellbeing

treatments for Body Concerns

Our treatment options are comprehensive

We are a full service clinic with a commitment to providing our patients with ‘treatment choice’. 

We therefore have treatments which are similar but our experience suggests that not everyone will respond the same. As part of our consultation process our team carry out a full assess of each patient’s medical history and lifestyle to determine a treatment plan which is right for them. 

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CoolSculpting is the world’s leading non-invasive fat reduction procedure. First available in 2010 the treatment has since been performed over 7 million times. CoolSculpting targets stubborn areas of fat which resist diet and exercise. 

Emtone is a combination of radiofrequency and acoustic wave therapy which treats all five main causes of cellulite. It uses both energies simultaneously to reduce cellulite, tighten the skin and improve the skin appearance.

Exilis Ultra is the first device to simultaneously combine radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten the skin and can  also address excess areas of fat on body areas. It is a non-invasive procedure without the pain or extensive recovery time associated with surgery. Exilis Ultra has been clinically proven to tighten skin and eliminate stubborn areas of fat.

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