Stubborn Fat

Certain areas of fat can resist efforts through diet & excercise

As we age the body naturally retains more fat. Our metabolism slows and gradual loss of muscle tissue, as well as hormone changes, all contribute to this.

While following a healthy diet and undertaking regular exercise help keep us in shape sometimes our efforts are not enough. Our treatments are not a replacement for priortising your health and the best results from our treatments are seen for those who take good care of health before, during, and after treatment.

Our Treatments for Stubborn Fat

CoolSculpting uses freezing to remove stubborn areas of fat. It can treat the arms, inner & outer thighs, stomach, flanks and many other areas
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A non-surgical fat dissolving injection treatment that uses a solution of deoxycholic acid to safely and effectively eliminate small, stubborn areas of fat
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Using radiofrequency, the treatment works in similar way to CoolSculpting but uses heat rather than freezing. Vanquish is ideal for debulking prior to the finishing touches with CoolSculpting
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