Regenerating and repositioning facial fat layers lost through ageing or rapid weight loss

What is Structura?

Profhilo® Structura is a groundbreaking injectable treatment designed to lift, contour, and rejuvenate the facial profile by targeting superficial fat layers.

By regenerating and repositioning these fat layers, Profhilo® Structura counteracts the natural flattening of facial angles and tissue descent over time. The result is a more lifted, naturally contoured profile without obvious projections or the appearance of artificial enhancements.

Why is superficial facial fat important?

Volume & Structure:

Facial fat provides the necessary volume and support to the skin and provides a naturally lifted appearance. As we age, the youthful triangle shape of the face is lost, and the face begins to “square out”.

Youthful Contours:

The natural placement of superficial fat is vital in highlighting youthful contours, including defining the jawline and sculpting the cheeks. Over time, or following a period of rapid weight loss, the redistribution and depletion of this fat can result in sagging and hollowed areas, even eroding natural symmetry.

Wrinkle Reduction:

Superficial facial fat cushions the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. As the fat diminishes the underlying skin and connective tissue lose support causing the skin to sag and become more prone to creasing, wrinkling and the formation of folds.


What happens to superficial fat as we age or experience rapid weight loss?

As we age, specialised cells in our fat, known as adipose progenitor and stem cells, lose their ability to create new fat cells. This leads to the breakdown of existing fat cells and the build-up of old, inactive cells that release inflammatory substances, accelerating inflammation and other age-related issues.

Additionally, disrupted communication between cells in the fat layer results in an unhealthy accumulation of immune cells and reduces the body’s capacity to produce hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. These key substances are essential for keeping the skin hydrated, firm and elastic. Consequently, the degradation of superficial fat hastens the overall ageing process, significantly affecting skin quality and health. 

What is the science behind Structura?

Profhilo® Structura is uniquely formulated to work harmoniously with superficial fat tissue. Its specific composition and concentration enhance this integration and compatibility. 

It is developed using patented NAHYCO® technology, stabilising a distinct complex of high- and low-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. This thermal process removes the need for the chemical cross-linkers commonly required in other hyaluronic acid formulations and fillers, ensuring a purer product.
Once injected, Profhilo® Structura activates ageing adipose fat cell receptors, subtly and safely encouraging them to mimic the behaviour of their youth.

What results can you expect to see from Structura?

Profhilo® Structura is clinically proven to restore superficial fat to its original position, effectively tackling age-related concerns like pronounced facial hollows, skin laxity, and the development of a squarer facial shape resulting from midface fat loss.

After the first treatment, 95% of patients noticed lasting enhancements in the mid-face area. This improvement was sustained three months later, highlighting the lasting benefits of Profhilo® Structura. Profhilo® Structura is a natural and regenerative option for those desiring subtle enhancements without drastically altering their appearance. Beyond addressing age-related facial shifts, it can also restore lost facial fat due to rapid weight loss, including the effects of using Ozempic.

What happens at a Structura treatment?

A Profhilo® Structura treatment consists of two sessions, administered one month apart. Profhilo® Structura is injected in the upper cheek region’s preauricular area using a protocol that evaluates facial structure, including midface projection, hollow s, laxity, and skin density.

The treatment involves minimal downtime, and patients can go about their day with ease after an appointment.

How does Profhilo differ from Structura?

Profhilo® and Profhilo® Structura have different rheological properties and benefits. Profhilo® is injected into the dermis, which has been clinically proven to restore tissue without volumisation. It does this by waking up dormant fibroblast tissue to regenerate collagen and elastin, visibly
improving the skin’s firmness, texture, and hydration.

Profhilo® Structura, on the other hand, is designed for more profound structural remodelling and is injected into the subcutaneous layers. It is clinically proven to reposition and regenerate the dynamic superficial fat pads located beneath the skin and connective tissue and above the muscle and deep fat layers. Its advanced compatibility with fat cells helps counteract the flattening of facial angles and tissue descent that naturally occurs over time, resulting in a more lifted, contoured, and rejuvenated facial profile. Both treatments offer unique benefits tailored to different skin concerns and treatment areas, ensuring a comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing.

Is Structura a filler or a skin booster?

Profhilo® Structura represents a unique category of advanced injectable treatments targeting and restoring facial fat for natural, restorative, and regenerative solutions.

Unlike fillers that offer mechanical lifting and volumising effects, Profhilo® Structura adopts a restorative approach that the body recognises. It controls inflammation and provides subtle repositioning without triggering a foreign body effect.

Unlike skin boosters, which are injected into the upper layers of the skin to enhance radiance with less concentrated hyaluronic acid, Profhilo® Structura specifically targets the midface superficial fat. This tissue layer requires a biocompatible and bioavailable treatment with its unique cellular function and ageing process.

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