EMSCULPT uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to build muscle and burn fat

Results seen:
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3 months after initial course
Treatment Time:
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Six sessions of 28 minutes
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Not required
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Permanent if fitness is maintained

What is Emsculpt?

Emsculpt is the only procedure that helps women and men build muscle and sculpt the body. While there are many muscle toning treatments offered none are as effective as Emsculpt. With 20 peer-reviewed papers backing up this claim there is no treatment that comes close to Emsculpt. 

Not only is Emsculpt backed by real search but it is has proven to be extremely popular with patients. In 2020 the Emsculpt was rated as the ‘most worth it’ treatment by Realself.com.

Emsculpt Visceral Fat

What do our patients love?

The walk-in walk-out treatment can tone:

  • abs
  • buttocks
  • biceps
  • triceps
  • calves

The treatment will not only have you looking better but moving better too. 

Who is Emsculpt for?

Did you know After age 30, you begin to lose as much as 3% to 5% per decade. Most men will lose about 30% of their muscle mass during their lifetimes. Therefore, Emsculpt is ideal for anyone looking to retain or replace lost muscle tone or support their gym training. 

What most people don’t know is that while Emsculpt builds muscles it also reduces visceral fat which is the fat around your organs and which can have a significant health impact. Publishes studies conducted by BTL show an average reduction of 14.3% in visceral fat – read it here.

How was Emsculpt developed?

The Emsculpt was developed after the technology was shown to have positive results for treating sports teams for muscle regeneration. The manufacturer, BTL Industries, has over 25 years’ experience in the research, design, and development of physiotherapy devices. This heritage has translated into many of the world’s leading aesthetic devices.

The device uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology. HIFEM uses a focused electromagnetic field that interacts with motor neurons, which subsequently triggers supramaximal contractions to the striated muscle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Emsculpt is used to treat muscle atrophy building and toning your abs, buttocks, biceps, triceps and calves.

Emsculpt works by directing highly focused electromagnetic energy which forces the muscles to contract in a way that is not possible through exercise. The contractions help to build the muscle by causing over 20,000 contractions in one 30-minute session.

Emsculpt is suitable for anyone looking to  build muscle tone whether that be to  improve their appearance or function. 

Each Emsculpt session takes 30 minutes. 

The treatment protocol is for four sessions. At Berkshire Aesthetics we provide two additional sessions, one at six weeks and one at 12 weeks after the initial four sessions. Alternatively your therapist might advise a slightly different programme to help in your particular circumstances. 

No special preparation is required but we do recommend you are well hydrated.

Yes, Emsculpt is safe. The treatment is both CE medical marked and FDA approved.

There is no downtime. You can return to your normal activities immediately. However, you might experience some muscle soreness the next day similar to the feeling afer a good work out.

Results are see seen around three months after completion of the course of treatment.

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